How much do banners typically cost?

Depending on the quantity and dimensions, a banner can cost anywhere from $50-$500+.

How long do banners take to complete?

Depending on customer approval, banners can take anywhere from 7-20+ business days.

Am I limited to a certain number of colors when printing?

No. We do jobs ranging from full color to black and white. You have limitless color options!

How durable are your banners?

Our banner material is made to last indoors and outdoors, so it is extremely durable. To keep it in tip-top shape, do not allow the banner to bend or fold.

How do I hang the banner?

We install grommets on all of our banners to ensure easy installation.

Can you print a custom size banner?

Yes. Our printer can print up to 53″ wide and however long.

How long do banners typically last?

It is impossible to tell how long a banner will last. It depends on where it is kept, how it is hung, what it is printed on, etc.

What material are your banners printed on?

Banners are typically printed on 13oz scrim PVC banner material.  Our recommended finish is matte but can be ordered in gloss if specifically requested.   We can also accept special request for mesh banner material on a case by case basis.

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