How much do floor graphics typically cost?

Depending on the dimensions, floor graphics can cost anywhere from $750-$5,000+.

How long do floor graphics take to complete?

Depending on customer approval, floor graphics can take anywhere from 10-20+ business days.

Does Wraphouse Graphics perform installation?

Yes. Unless told otherwise, we will add installation into the quote.

Am I limited to a certain number of colors when printing?

No. We do jobs ranging from full color to black and white. You have limitless color options!

How long do floor graphics typically last?

It is impossible to tell how long wall graphics will last. It depends on where it is kept, what is printed on, etc.

Can you print custom size floor graphics?

Yes. Our printer can print up to 53″ wide and however long! If bigger than 53″, there will be a seam in the work. If the work required cutting, we can cut and print up to 50″ wide and however long.

What material will my floor graphic be printed on?

Floors require specific material depending upon the application and your longevity goals, such as long term versus short-term promotional purposes.  Other surfaces, including carpet and even outdoor pavement or parking lots, can also accommodate graphics.  In each case, we will make a recommendation for the most appropriate vinyl as well as a corresponding non-slip laminate to meet your needs while maintain safety.    

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