How much does a full-wrap typically cost?

Since each vehicle wrap is based on square footage and installation complexity, the cost can vary as much as vehicles do.  Larger vehicles with complex curves are more difficult to wrap than small, flat vehicles.  Generally speaking, minivan, pick-up truck and passenger car wraps start at around $2000 for basic installation.  Full size van wraps start at around $3000.  Items like mirrors, door handles, and bumpers will add to the cost of any vehicle, if wrapped.  Other specialty wraps such as color change, metallic or chrome also add to the cost.  Since each customer and vehicle is unique, we will tailor your quote to your specific vehicle. 

How long does a full-wrap take to complete?

There are many variables that can affect the turnaround time for your project.  Upon quote approval and deposit, the design stage can take up to seven business days, depending on your responsiveness to our emailed design proofs and the number of revisions required.  Once a design is approved, we will schedule your vehicle for installation, typically on a first-come, first-served basis.  Once the vehicle is in our possession, it typically takes 2-3 business days for installation and another day for quality assurance before we release the vehicle back to the customer.  In extreme temperatures, an additional day may be required to allow the vehicle to reach room temperature in our garage.  In some cases, evening and weekend installations are available for an additional charge.  

Do you have a warranty for your vehicle wraps?

Yes! Click the link below to check out warranty.

How do I take care of my vehicle wrap?

You can click the link below to check out our care guide!

Does Wraphouse Graphics perform installation?

At Wraphouse Graphics, we utilize our very own Avery trained installers.  In some cases, we may bring in independent trained installers to help balance our workload and provide faster service to our customers.

Can I customize my wrap?

Yes!  All of our products are 100% customizable.  We always strive to create a design that our customers will love and that will get them noticed.  We highly recommend including your logo in any design.  In the case of some contractor vendors, there are certain limitations to logo usage that we must adhere to, but otherwise the sky is the limit!

How long does a vehicle wrap typically last?

Depending on where the vehicle is kept and how it is cared for, vehicle wraps typically last 4-7 years.  We recommend keeping your vehicle under cover, if possible, and keeping your graphics free from dirt and road grime.  Please review our care guide for more information on how to get the most out of your wrap.

Can I just install or remove a vehicle wrap myself?

We strongly recommend a professional to install your graphics.  They are trained in the techniques required to ensure a successful installation.   Removal can be done yourself with the use of a heat gun or we can offer that service for a small fee.  Contact us for more details.

Can my vehicle wrap go through the car wash?

Yes!  Wrapped vehicles are perfectly fine to run through the car wash.  We provide a care guide with each installation that lists the do’s and don’ts of caring for your wrap.  Our care guide can also be accessed here:

Am I limited to a certain number of colors when printing?

No. We do jobs ranging from full color to black and white. You have limitless color options!

What if I want the windows covered?

To cover a vehicle’s window, we use a perforated window film that allows the driver to see out of the vehicle, but the viewer sees the graphic on the exterior.

Can a wrap be repaired or changed, or do I need to re-wrap the entire vehicle?

It can be difficult to match colors and design, but we can print repairs or changes, such as phone numbers and logos.

Will a wrap damage the paint on my vehicle?

Depending on the paint condition, vehicle wraps will not typically damage the paint. Actually, vehicle wraps can actually protect the vehicle’s surface from scratches and dings.

What material are your vehicle wraps printed on?

Our vehicle wraps are typically printed on removable cast inkjet vinyl to allow for maximum conformability.  We use name brand vinyl from Avery Dennison or 3M, unless otherwise specified.  The materials we use offer maximum durability and ease of installation without overstretching.   In some cases, we upgrade to allow for more conformability depending upon the application.  We ALWAYS laminate vehicle wraps with your choice of gloss, matte or satin finishes to protect the printed material for the long term. 

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